Zehri’s Onyx History

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It commenced in early fifties-significant period a period of great beginning. The journey began when Mir Imam Bux Zehri discovered one of the world’s wondrous treasures in the desert of Chaghi district in Balochistan, Pakistan.

The glorious history roots decades back, when the villagers in chaghi fascinated by the beauty of these unique stones, used to collect and bring precious stones to those people who could afford to buy them. Once, a sample of Onyx was brought to Mir Imam Bux Zehri.

Mir Imam Bux Zehri


Onyx in South East Asia

Mir Mehmood Zehri


Zehri Onyx & Minerals Inc

Mir Mukaram Zehri


Zehri Onyx & Minerals

He instantly got captivated by the beauty of the stone and set off to the location to discover its origin. There he spotted few deposits and grabbed few stone pieces for sampling, His interest and determination made him craft his own first cutter machine at home, and then he saw distinct colors running through it. Zehri family had possessed coal mines which had already built fine strategic mind set in them. They had the valor and capital to work on this new discovery. The foremost export was done as a sample to Italy, and the second export to unseat, that time the stock was not more than 25 tons. Zehri’s stones attained fame and their international business sprang up in the land of Italy. The fondness grew so tremendously that Zehri’s were titled “King of Onyx” by Italians. Later machinery for the factory was imported from Italy and a huge yard was dedicated for millions of tons of Onyx as stock in Italy.

The second generation, Mir Mehmood Zehri brought remarkable success to the Onyx business with the high tech machinery and mining. Now Mir Mukkaram Zehri is the third generation of the family standing strong with the steady growth in Onyx Business expanded World-wide.