International Business

Towards the ultimate Leadership of stone…

Zehri Onyx & Minerals leads a vision to serve international market of stone and minerals. It is carving a place among the biggest names of international stone industry. Its profound stones up-to-date facility skilled and highly competent workers excellent product range and high quality standards are all intended for achieving this goal.

They dynamically serve up a diversified market range in the USA, Europe and the Middle East Asia Pacific region the Indian Ocean region and other selected areas.

They also aim to dynamically expand the export customer base. The Zehri family is continually seeking new business opportunities to further develop and grow themselves.

They warmly welcome new strategic opportunities and welcome new prospects for advancing the growth strategy.Serving the stone industry for five decades, Zehri’s has earned satisfaction of thousands of customers across the globe especially Italy where the company has been titled.

The KING OF ONYX. They supply worldwide in safe and excellent packing upon cost effective FOB, CNF or CIF rates.