Onyx Assorment

Nature’s Wonders of Art & Beauty…

Onyx is a nature’s time less art. It is semi-precious, translucent beautiful textured stones found only in seven countries in Earth. It is classified as the most posh amongst other natural building stones like granite and marble.

Zehri has the most diverse variety of Onyx in the continent in terms of color and size. Zehri’s specialty patterns are Gold Onyx,Multi Green Onyx and Red Onyx The beauty dose not confine here, three shades of Green Onyx and lustrous White Onyx, Light Green Onyx,Meduim Green Onyx, Dark Green Onyx and veined to pure has been produced by mines.

Onyx Sink

Multi Onyx

Light Green Onyx

Dark Green Onyx

Multi Green Onyx

Medium Green Onyx

Onyx Backlight

Onyx Sink

White Onyx

Slabs & Tiles

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